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We are always looking for some great help at Rocky Mountain Pizza. We look for people that are happy, positive, and ready to work hard and play hard. Before you go quitting your current job that has to suck compared to working here, take a look at some of the qualities we want in an employee. Also, you can find out more about us if you have never been in the place by checking out our facebook page or twitter page.

We hire servers, bartenders, and managers. I can pretty much bet you that you have never worked at a place like this and might not ever in the future. Most of our employees are college students, who are hard working and know where they are going or what they want to do after getting out of school. That's not to say you have to be going to school to work here, that's just a trend.

Our hiring process is something you probably have never seen the likes of before, so just a heads up. It goes something like this

  1. Fill out the on-line form.
  2. We will call you to either say cool, what time can you come in and meet us or sorry we are going to hold off at the current time.
  3. If you get to come in, you will talk with one of the owner's of the place and some current employee's. You will also be asked more than likely to fill out a few forms and stuff like that. Plan for an hour.
  4. After you leave, the interview team meets with the owner's and if we all say Hell yeah, you got the job. If not, we let you know also, so your not hanging.

It might sound like a lot of hoops to jump through for just a restaurant job, but we are not just some restaurant. You will just have to trust on that until you see what we are all about! We look forward to meeting you!

What we like... :)

  • People that are on-time
  • People that are friendly (someone that can strike a conversation with anyone at a moments notice)
  • Hard working... well I assume everyone thinks they are hard working, but we mean it.
  • Team-players (You need to be able to not only take directions but work with your peers and managers to come up with solutions)
  • Encourage great times (everyone likes desert, so stuff like asking customers if they would like one or maybe telling them about a special will help them have a great time!)
  • Flexibility... in your ability to work different days, shifts, all that good stuff. If you happen to be able to bend backward or do a split, well thats cool also.
  • Trustworthy. We can replace this with honest, responsible, and a bunch of other words that to us pretty much mean that your either with us or against us. We never want to doubt if your with us.
  • Dreamers - We want people that have dreams, and work to make them happen

If you think you got what it takes and want to work at RMP, just fill out the survey by clicking here!
We will get right back to you.


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